“Nobody wants to have a ‘networking conversation’. They are hungry for real conversations…authentic, genuine and sincere. I don’t look at people’s badges to decide if they are worth my time.” - Venture capitalist and entrepreneur Rich Stromback

Today, excelling professionally is all about your ability to connect to others face-to-face in order to cross-pollinate perspectives, ideas and knowledge.

Senior business leaders fully recognise that networking is an essential part of building professional trust, support and capital.  It expands more than just business opportunities and should not be seen as an after-work add-on for the ‘overly ambitious’.

City Hive’s networking events are mindfully designed around the ethos of developing real mutually rewarding long-term connections with interesting people working in the Investment Management industry.  Our hallmark is creating a warm and welcoming environment that helps facilitate that purposeful ‘click’ moment for everyone.

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“People have been so obsessed with social networks that they really haven’t noticed the human side, the non-algorithm side, is still where it’s at.” - Julia Hobsbawm, the world’s first professor of networking.

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