How do I reset my password?
This can be done via the ‘Forgotten password’ page
I have another question!
Great – we will be happy to help. You can email us at
I want to check out what City Hive are all about.
No problem – you can see what we’re up to on social media. Follow us on Twitter , LinkedIn or Facebook.

Using My Account

Can I delete my account?
Yes. There is an option under ‘account settings’ but this cannot be undone once completed.
How do I access my account?
Use the log-in details provided to access the City Hive member elements of this website. Click on ‘Account’ in the top menu. From here you can make changes to your account settings using the left-hand navigation bar.
What can I do with my account?
Apply to jobs, read journal articles, access tickets to events, engage with your company, communicate with other people on the city hive network.
What data do you hold on City Hive members?
Date Created Last Logged in (date & time) Email Address Title First Name Last Name Profession Job Function Job Title Firm Department Work Email Year Started Account Verification (true or false) Number of posts Number of comments Profile Visibility Notifications Setting Membership Type Membership Date Online Status (online or offline) IP address of last log in User agent of last log in Notifications (messages from City Hive to appear on dashboard)


Can I get a refund?
City Hive doesn’t offer refunds, but our experienced team is always available to help solve any issues you may be experiencing. You can contact us via email on
Can I list my own event?
Listing your own event is easy, depending on its nature. Email us at with the details of your event.
How does the discount work?
Premium members will automatically receive a discount when a ticket is bought. Occasionally, City Hive will offer promotional codes that are sent out via email and these can be also be used for a discount.
I have another question about the events!
Great – we are always happy to help. Email us any questions you have at and we will do our best to answer them for you.
I haven’t received confirmation of my booking
Don’t worry – we can help locate you booking and resend the confirmation. Simply email us at with the details of your booking.

Careers Portal

Do I have to be a member to access the Careers Portal?
To see the job specifications and apply for a role you will need to be a member. The Careers Portal membership is free and you can register at
How can I list a job role?
It is really easy to post a role on City Hive. Simply sign in to your account at and follow the link on the Careers Portal.
Is there a cost for listing a job role?
This service is free for corporate members

Press and Advertising

Can I advertise on City Hive?
Of course you can, please get in touch with us at to discuss this in more detail.
How can I advertise on the City Hive Monthly Newsletter?
All advertising enquiries should be sent via email to
How can I contact Bev Shah?
To contact Bev, please send an email to
Who should I contact regarding press related matters?
To contact the press office, please email


How can my organisation or I collaborate with City Hive?
We would love to hear from you about this. Please get in touch via email at and request a corporate brochure.
How does my organisation or I become a listed Ally?
All corporate members are automatic allies. For those that aren’t corporate members, organisations are invited to be where we feel your vision and mission complement/enhance ours/each others. If you would like more information, please contact us at