We need an improved and inclusive culture to future-proof our industry, but there has been no industry standard or measurable way to address the lack of diversity in investment management and its consequences.

To remedy this, we have developed ACT (Action, Culture, Transparency) - a corporate culture kitemark. It provides a framework for companies across the investment management industry to truly address, assess and catalyse an improvement in the culture within their own organisation, along with the wider investment industry, and ultimately in the companies that they invest in. Our goal is to establish an industry agreement on the need for a collective vision of change, and a tangible way for firms to demonstrate that they are committed to drastically improving diversity.

The ACT Kitemark encompasses the six pillars which are core to our mission to implement, measure and catalyse change across the industry, both internally and externally.

Three pillars are outward looking and focused on an industry vision of progress (Change, Integrity and Commitment) and three face inward to cover both policy and individual responsibility (Engagement, Culture and Talent).

Each pillar has a C-level responsibility for oversight across business functions, recommended guidance areas and questions. It also specifies good practice and relevant initiatives to help catalyse change internally.

We must be the change that we want to see, and we are demanding it from the industry. Change is happening now.